Art for everyone

The exhibition  ”Kunst for alle” is celebrating it´s 10th years  anniversary. And maybe that is the reason why so much very interesting art has found its way to the exhibition? The exhibition is being held in “Ridehuset” in Aarhus.

If you are in the neighbourhood you still have the chance to visit the exhibition. Today is the last day. It is on-going until 6 pm. Today

I went to see the exhibition yesterday and took a lot of photos with my iPhone.
I´ve picked out some of the artists/artworks that I liked.

Annette Nordentoft

Annemette Jørgensen

Lotte H. Ustrup

Jan Klein
Casper Eliasen

Heidi Bielfeldt

Gary Caine
Unfortunately i did not get a good photo of Gary Cains artwork. But visit his home page and see for yourself. He makes great art.

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