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Another showdown at Saatchi Online

Earlier on this blog I have written about Saatchi Online and their “Showdowns”. At the moment there is submission for the next showdown. The theme for this showdown is abstract.
Showdowns are excellent opportunities to see lots of great art from all over the world. I really enjoy being a member of Saatchi Online, as it gives me the possibility of networking with artists from all over the world, and it is a great source of inspiration. And what more is it gives you a showcase.

My submission

I went to London

I love London, it is a city of diversity,  a city with opportunities, and it is a city full of life. You see the contrasts of life, the homeless who are selling  “The Big Issue”, the “Occupy London” movement, and you find stores selling the most expensive clothing’s.

One of the things I love about London is the free entrance to all the museums. I went to see The National Portraits Gallery; in here you find the diversity as well. You see the very old and classic paintings that tell the story of the British Empire such as “The Anti-Slavery Society Convention, 1840” Painted by Benjamin Robert Haydon. And you find the very fine portraits done by Andy Warhol.

I went to the area around St. Pauls Cathedral where the “Occupy London” has build up a tent camp. The Occupy movement is very interesting, and I hope it will grow into a strong and worldwide movement. We need to set focus on the global eco-nomic and the worldwide social justice.

And as you can see at the photos I also found time to visit Covent Garden, where street artists perform for a engaged audience.

And I went to my favourite gallery “Saatchi Gallery”. I wanted to se the “Site Specific Oil Installation” made by Richard Wilson

See you soon London, I´ll be back as soon as I can.

Showdown at Saatchi online

Saatchi Online is a great place to spend time. There are so many great artworks, form artist from all over the world. Right now there is a showdown taking place, it is at very good opportunity to go trough a lot of the works.

While voting I have marked a lots of great works as favorites i order to go back and see more works from the artists.. On my profile on Saatchi Online you can see all the works I have collected in my “favorites”

I participate with my collage “First we take Manhattan”

Anyone who has registered on Saatchi online can vote in the showdown. Please register and give your vote.

You find all the details about the showdown here

Workin’ overtime

Is the name of a great artist…

Emma Goldman is the name of a great woman. A great revolutionary. And somehow Emma has not been present in my mind for many years. I read her memoirs back in the eighties, during my stay in England. At the time where the miners in the UK went on strike for better working conditions.

Somehow Emma entered a speciel place in my heart, somehow she became symbol of the values that I appreciate…

But time passes and the story of Emma got her place among all the other stories that have influenced my life.

Until I saw this wonderful piece of art, made by the artist “Workin’ overtime”.

Then she was suddenly very present again

Try to have a look at his gallery, and enjoy his works.

Saatchionline igen igen

Jeg bliver altså nødt til at dedikere endnu et indlæg på galleriet

Jeg kan bruge timer på at surfe rundt på de forskellige profiler, og se på spændende internationalt kunst…

Det er inspirerende og berigende. Og jeg får “samlet” mange kunstnere på min “like” liste – kunstnere hvis værker jeg finder særligt spændende at gå på opdagelse i. Og som jeg gang på gang vender tilbage til, for at holde øje med nye værker.

Du kan også se min liste og se nogle af de kunstnere og værker som jeg har markeret med “like”. Klik her men forbered dig på at bruge en del tid på siden,