Digital art

Do you know Kuler

Kuler is an Adobe page, that provides you with great possibility’s to make your own color palette. By using a color circle you can find the colors you want to use, and the scheme beneath the circle will give you the codes of your chosen colors. It is really cool and you can spend a lot of time playing with the colors, and it might even help you with your artworks.

It´s easy and free to make an account at Kuler.

All you need is love

Is the everlasting title of a Beatles song, and it is the title of my new piece of art. It is made to celebrate the New Year and all it may bring us.

The image is made in a high resolution in the size of 50 x 50 cm (without the white edge, 60 x 60 cm with the white edge)

This piece of art can be yours for only 500 dkr. (shipping is not included)

You can also buy a download link for only 350 dkr.


Welcome 2012

A new year has started and it will be a very creative year. At least I will do my very best to challenge my self in many creative ways.

As a start I remind everybody about the competition “Make a word-portrait”.

I challenge you in making your own word-portrait by following my instruction video.

The competition rules is as follows:

  • Make your portrait*, Send it to me in an e-mail (rikke(snabel a) – It has to be in my mailbox at 06.01.12 at 7 pm
  • Write a comment on my blog telling that you are a participant
  • Recommend this competition on Facebook or on your own blog

On January 7. All the work will be published and I will make a public election in order to find the winner.

The winner will be announced January 15.

If you win, your portrait will be printed on linen, ready for you to sew a cushion.

*the portrait must have a high resolution, and be at least 40 x 40 cm large.