Exploring Photoshop

I love to explore Photoshop. Working with Photoshop is like an exciting travel where I discover all the exciting facilities that I can use to create amazing works of art.

To make these photos of the beautiful model I have used the same method as I use when I create my word-pictures.
Instead of words I’ve used pictures I’ve taken. Some of them, pictures of artworks.

Do you want to try it? Use the tutorial I made. You find it here


I went to Aros – the local museum of Art. I love the place and with my membership card I can go there as often as I like. And I like to go often.

They are celebrating the 70th birthday of Mogens Gissel with a special exhibition. I like his artwork.  His works are clean, the colors seem dry and clear and some of his works are more sketch-like.

And of course, when I am at Aros I must see the department of contemporary art. And to my great pleasure I saw that they had a huge artwork, made by Robert Rauchenberg and a huge artwork made by David Parrish. Two great Pop Art artists.


I have a bag full of stamps. Stamps from all over the world. Stamps that my grandfather collected. Some of them still on envelop. Some very old and some from countries that does not exist any longer

Now I want to use some of them. I want to use them for making art. I have made a sketch for a cushion design using a stamp from Ireland, an envelope, and some postmarks.

Do you have any ideas how to use stamps in artworks??? Please, share them 🙂

My cushion design (60 x 35 cm)

I visit Mille-Maj

About 3 years ago I joined an online gallery. It was a new world for me. I had been more or less alone with my art. I only knew a few other artists. Entering an online gallery gave so much inspiration. I saw art that I had never seen before and I was confronted with the great courage that some artists have.

It was at that online Gallery I first saw the paintings of Mille-Maj, and her paintings had that kind of courage that I admire so much. Mille-Maj dares to be messy in her art works. Being messy in the professional way requires that you have a lot of skills in what you are doing. Otherwise the mess will be nothing more than mess.

The mess of Mille-Maj is a lot more than mess. It is stories. Great stories.

Besides being a great artist Mille-Maj also teaches in her Pop Art School. I my self have had the pleasure of joining one of her courses. And they are recommendable.

I have chosen a few of her paintings that I like a lot. But you will find a lot more at her homepage.

You might also want to see the homepage of her Pop Art School.