This cushion can be yours if you participate in my little giveaway. You can participate with 3 lots. 1 for making a comment on this article, one for telling about my giveaway on your facebook profile and one for making an advert for my giveaway on your blog or homepage. Please write with how many lots you wants to participate.

This giveaway runs until Friday, 24rd February where I will let chose a winner.

I visit Lisbeth Hansen

Her art makes me dream. It makes me dream about spring and summer. And her art makes me happy.The paintings are full of life, full of happy colors and full of the small and funny creatures that you meet out there in the nature.

Lisbeth is a very talented artist, and it was fully deserved when she in 2010 won the competition “Artist of the year” at

I have chosen to show you some of her works, but you might want to see more of her works. You find them on her webpage or on her Facebook Gallery.


Give away on Valentine

As Saint Valentine’s Day is associated with love between couples it might not be appropriate for me to give you all a Valentine gift? Never the less it is what I intend to do.

I´ll give you all a bunch of beautiful sunflowers.

The artwork is made in the size of 40 x 40 cm  (with the white border 50 x 50 cm) You can download the artwork here and you are free to print it in any size you want.

Hope you´ll all have a warm and loving day.