It is weekend

Where are you and what are you doing this weekend? Saatchi Gallery asked this question on its Facebook profile. I am in Aarhus, Denmark and this weekend I am going to finish the work with my dining table, and I am going to make a word-portrait of one of my nieces.

Inspired by Saatchi I´ll ask you… Where are you and what are you doing this weekend? You can answer in any language you choose, whether you write in Danish, English, German, or Chinese I would love to have your contribution…


iPhone cases with a unique design

Do you know that you can make iPhone cases with your own design, very easily?
If you sign in at it is possible to create your own cases.
All you have to do is to download a template and fit your own artworks into it and then upload it to

And you can even sell them from your account at

Here is some of the cases I have made. You will find more of my cases here


I “visit” Paul White

Paul is a British artist, I ”met” him out there in cyberspace, at Saatchi online, where I noticed his great works of art.

Paul has a great scope in his artistic expression. Among his paintings you will find some with a surreal and very strong expression, and you will find some with a kind of naive but very poetic expression.

It is clear that Paul knows his materials, and I think that he would be able to paint anything.

I really love his style and I love the way he works with the color palette. Actually I find his art quite unique and I really enjoy exploring Paul´s works of art.

I have chosen some of his works to show you, but you might want to se more. Visit Paul on his homepage, at Saatchi Online or at Facebook


Painting a dining table …

In my shed where I store things that are not in use and where I work when I workwith spray paint is a dining table that was filled with paint blobs.

Now the table again become a dining table. We spray paint it entirely. I hope we can bear to look at it. Otherwise, we put a tablecloth on. But right now we havefun playing with spray paint.

When we have finished the table, there will be more pictures.